We are open: we continue to provide medical service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consultations are by Telehealth - via video link or phone. These appointments are bulk billed at Medicare rates. Phone or email to make a Telehealth appointment or for further information

Patient information

Please read the relevant document from the list below. This will help you to be prepared when you arrive for your treatment or procedure.

All procedures are charged at no gap rates.

To make your first appointment as useful to you as possible, please bring the following:

  • A medical referral. This ensures you can claim the Medicare fee due to you.
  • Your Medicare card.
  • Any medical history and scans/ x-rays.

If you would like to discuss anything or need further information, please contact us

Already booked in for a procedure? Current patients see info sheets here:

Dr Mark Danta Gastroenterologist hepatologist

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Gastrointestinal Ailments

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The Digestive System

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